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Chinese Supreme Court Denies Retrial Request from HTC on L2’s `722 Patent

Longhorn IP, a leader in patent licensing, is thrilled to announce a significant legal triumph for its

subsidiary L2 Mobile Technologies LLC with the recent Retrial Ruling – (2022) Zui Gao Fa Xing Shen No.82– issued by the Supreme Court. In a resounding victory, the court has unequivocally denied HTC's retrial request in the captioned case, conclusively determining the validity of the challenged patent.

The outcome of this ruling is particularly noteworthy as retrial requests are typically granted a hearing.

However, L2 is pleased to share that the panel reached the extraordinary decision to deny the request

solely based on a written review. This decision underscores the strength of L2’s patent global wireless

patent portfolio, which includes the ZL200910166722.3 patent (the `722 patent).

L2 Mobile Technologies is represented in China by its legal counsel Sitao IP, a leading intellectual

property law firm recognized by IAM in 2022 as the Recommend Firm for Transactions in China in the

“IAM 1000”.

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About Longhorn IP:

Longhorn IP is a privately-owned IP management and patent portfolio licensing company. Drawing upon

the deep experience of its team, Longhorn IP is dedicated to providing best-in-class intellectual property

analysis, management and licensing services to its clients. Longhorn IP's management team has been

involved in generating licensing revenues in excess of $2,000,000,000

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