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Nyckel UI Technologies LLC acquires patents related to MTC, 3GPP LTE, 5G NR and IoT technologies

Nyckel UI Technologies LLC, a Longhorn IP affiliate, acquired a portfolio of patents related to MTC (Machine Type Communication) technology for 3GPP LTE and 5G NR (New Radio).

MTC is a form of data communication that involves one or more entities that do not necessarily need human interaction. MTC plays an essential role in the mobile network society and it has demonstrated its effectiveness to generate significant revenues for mobile network operators. MTC has become the main communication paradigm for several emerging smart services, such as public safety, healthcare, industrial automation, drones/robotics, utilities, and transportation. Therefore, MTC has become one of the main core technologies of 3GPP LTE and 5G NR.

The patents in the patent portfolio are LTE and 5G NR standard patents which means that the patents satisfy MTC technologies written in LTE standard and 5G NR standard.

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